Having problems with your payroll and not sure which way to go?

Unsure of what your real payroll costs are?

You think that outsourcing may be the solution, but are afraid to take the leap, thinking you will lose control?

Before making the final decision, it may be wise to take a step back and look at what you are doing now. Problems are often internal and/or procedural, and outsourcing alone may not necessarily resolve those issues.

High staff turnover, multiple terms and conditions and inputs generated from dispersed sites are particular areas of complexity and often result in inaccurate and inflated payroll costs.

To maximise the gains to be made from outsourcing, AK Payroll offer an additional consultancy service at a realisitic price. We recommend you take the opportunity to review your current workflows and working practices, and identify areas that can be streamlined to improve quality and performance and actually reduce payroll costs.